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The Value of a Good Coach

December 7, 2017

Chris Roehm, Financial Adviser

Chris Roehm, Financial Adviser with Tight Five, LLC.

By Carolyn Humphrey – Carolyn Humphrey is a Financial Adviser with Rockwell Associates, Powered By Penn Mutual

What was that call? What just happened? I am confused. Like everyone else, when I first started watching rugby I had no idea what was going on. The game was moving at a lightning pace and every time the referee would make a call, he would make a hand gesture that was a like a foreign language to me.

I was first introduced to rugby when I was in college. My boyfriend, who is now my husband of over 25 years was a rugby player and invited me to a game. I was a big football fan and only knew that rugby was kind of like football.

My boyfriend was playing out on the wing and in the first half he got in behind the defense and I thought he scored. I was really excited watching on the sideline until I heard everybody yelling nice try!

I had no familiarity with the rules and I did not know anyone on the sideline that I could ask for an explanation. For the entire length of the game, I was very confused and assumed he didn’t score.

After the game ended and he left the field, I went to congratulate him and ask for an explanation about why he did not get the score.

Puzzled, he looked at me and said “I did score” and proceeded to explain to me that the football equivalent of a touchdown is a try.

Over the years, I slowly learned more and more about rugby, understanding the confusing jargon, thanks in large part to the coaching from my husband. He took time to explain the game to me and simplify it so it did not seem so puzzling. Now when I attend the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship every year, I am the one explaining the rules to my friends and family.

One thing I have learned in my career as a financial adviser, is that many people are at least as confused about finances as I was with rugby. Like the sport, understanding financial habits, terminology and options seem daunting when you are unfamiliar with them. Having a good coach can make all the difference.

When I first met my husband he did not think about or understand his financials. He had a tremendous amount of student loan debt and had no plan to get himself out or start building a strong financial foundation for himself. Budgeting was a foreign concept to him and he did not know where to start when trying to identify a financial strategy.

Together we formulated a plan for him to pay off his debt and helped him prioritize his wants so he could become more mindful of his spending.

I helped him understand how we could best position ourselves to achieve both our short term and long term goals. Today I can now say my husband is more disciplined with money and together we have achieved the goals we have set. It just took a little help!

Having a great coach can help you understand what appears to be a complex and confusing space. For me, my husband was my rugby coach. To him, I was his financial coach. Regardless of the topic, having a coach to guide you through the process makes all the difference.

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