The Power Of The Rugby Business Network
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The Power Of The Rugby Business Network

September 6, 2018

Networking is a key component of a successful business strategy. For rugby enthusiasts, the Rugby Business Network (RBN) provides a tremendous opportunity for executives with a common passion for rugby to come together and form meaningful relations that both drive the game forward and establish successful business relationships.

As a partner of the RBN in the United States, Penn Mutual has witnessed unprecedented growth in rugby and in business. The Rugby Business Network has helped Penn Mutual continue to expose its brand to rugby enthusiasts across the country, thanks in large part to the engagement of Penn Mutual’s local offices and the relationships that they have built within their local rugby communities.

Penn Mutual has been instrumental in encouraging and celebrating the application of rugby’s values to the business community and promoting life after rugby, by helping launch no less than 10 new RBN chapters in the United States, including Salt Lake City, Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. Penn Mutual’s local offices have been able to connect with members of the rugby community to advance business interests and American rugby.

One of the most active RBN chapters in the United States is located in Northeast Ohio. The local Penn Mutual office, XXI Century Financial Powered by Penn Mutual, along with an advisory board of seven other members, has built a chapter that has advanced the game of rugby.

“Our goal is to build relationships throughout the community and support the growth of the game,” said Pat Weigel, Financial Adviser and member of the Northeast Ohio RBN organizing committee.

The Northeast Ohio RBN Chapter is focused on building the youth game together and is planning to raise funds to help youth players subsidize the cost of attending expensive camps. Additionally, the group has used its network to support clubs starting up.

“We want more kids to play rugby, and to give everybody the opportunity to improve their skills or showcase their talents to help take them to the next level,” Weigel added. “Our group has a lot of experience in rugby and we are able to help these clubs with logistical as well as financial challenges.”

In addition to helping rugby grow, the organizing body has made a commitment to help individuals and business owners grow professionally. The group is in the process of creating an official business directory that highlights the professional skill sets of its members.

“We want to help rugby grow in the community but we also want to help the members of the network by encouraging our members to support each other off the field. All of our members have something to offer professionally and we want to see everyone in the organization benefit,” Weigel indicated.

Both Penn Mutual and the RBN have blossomed together thanks to a “How can I help you?” culture. The inherent loyalty within the rugby community is leading to lasting business relationships.

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