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Teammates For Life

May 10, 2018

By Patrick Perkins – Financial Adviser, 21st Century Financial, Powered by Penn Mutual

Patrick Perkins

Patrick Perkins

I started playing rugby at John Carroll University-a small college in Northeast Ohio that plays in the National Small College Rugby Organization Powered by Penn Mutual. My brother had played while attending school at John Carroll and coaxed me into attending a practice. After a couple of training sessions I was hooked.

I played all four years at John Carroll and made some great friends along the way. I still talk to a number of them on a regular basis and a couple of them are now my clients. In a way, they are still my teammates.

Rugby has a way of building camaraderie that is different than any other game I have played. It fosters a culture of togetherness, something that I have used to build a career as a financial adviser. Building relationships with clients is critical to my business. Creating a culture of togetherness that I learned from rugby and applying it to my professional career, has made me think of my clients as teammates.

It is this sense of togetherness that makes me love Penn Mutual. I started in the financial services industry several years before joining Penn Mutual. I struggled at my old company, thanks in large part to the culture. I was longing for a place that appreciated “togetherness.” I knew I wanted to make a change and came to Penn Mutual because of its commitment to rugby. I stayed because of the culture.

One of the reason’s I think Penn Mutual has fit in so well as a rugby sponsor is the parallels between cultures. Both foster teamwork. Both appreciate inclusiveness. Both create a true sense of belonging.

Rugby has had a large impact on my career. It helped foster the ethos in which I live and work. It has led me to a great company, one that now sponsors the very division of rugby I participated in. I started with a small group of rugby teammates at John Carroll. I now have found a whole new set of teammates in my clients and Penn Mutual. Together, we are teammates for life.

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