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February 15, 2017

Like so many of us, Sinclair found the game in college. On her second day at the University of Kansas in 2002, a fellow student was covered in bumps and bruises and an inquisitive Sinclair asked her how she got them – her response, “at rugby practice.”

Sinclair, like most people in 2002, responded with “I don’t know what that is.”

“When the girl told me that you get to tackle people, I was very excited because my brothers played football, (one even ending up in the NFL) so I learned how to tackle from a very young age” Sinclair recounted.

Coming from a family with a penchant for contact sports, Sinclair immediately fell in love with the game. She continued to play throughout college, even through switching from the University of Kansas to the University of Missouri after an ACL tear. After college, she moved to Chicago and joined Chicago North Shore Women’s Rugby Club. . In 2011, North Shore won the USA Rugby Division One National Championships.

While Sinclair’s playing days are now limited to social summer 7s, she is still very involved in the rugby community by sitting on multiple boards and recently became a certified referee. It was her activity in the Chicago chapter of the Rugby Business Network that eventually laid the groundwork for her career with Penn Mutual.

Sinclair has been working in the insurance industry since 2008, living by the Rugby Business Network’s motto of “How Can I Help You?” Since her early days in the sport, Sinclair has always felt a special connection to rugby and hopes to continue giving back to the rugby community through sound financial advice.

“I really love that rugby is more than a sport, it is a lifestyle. I want to help every single member of this community because once you join the rugby community, everyone becomes family. It is so amazing that there are thousands of ruggers throughout the world, all of whom would welcome me with open arms.”

In 2015, she was approached by the Managing Partner of Penn Mutual’s Chicago agency, The Heartland Group, to come work with them. With what she calls her “Financial Fitness” platform, Sinclair has been servicing the Chicago region and the rugby community as a financial representative. As part of her ethos in giving back to the rugby community, Sinclair stresses the importance of setting yourself up with a solid financial fitness plan.

“Like rugby, life has a lot of bumps and bruises. I want everyone to be in the best possible financial position as they deal with whatever challenges life may throw at them,” Sinclair said of her work.

Her continued involvement in the sport and her connection to the Rugby Business Network have allowed her to foster relationships with young and old, novice and experienced players and fans. Regardless of their status in rugby or in life she thinks it is essential that they plan for the next stage.

“It is never too early or too late to become financially fit. Whether it is a young person graduating from college, starting a family or an individual approaching retirement, there are so many resources available to protect yourself and your family.”

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