Why Rugby?

What does Life Insurance Have to Do with Rugby?

At Penn Mutual, we can help you tackle the financial opportunities and challenges that life throws at you the same way you face them on the pitch. Through solid preparation, coaching, and fitness, you can live life with confidence. To learn more about how life insurance can be a valuable part of your game plan, now or in the future visit pennmutual.com.


Preparation is important both on and off the pitch. In rugby, you go in with a game plan so you can be prepared for any scenario you may face. Creating a solid financial game plan is just as important. We believe that using life insurance as a foundation for a financial plan can prepare you for life’s twists and turns.


A solid rugby coach can help you take your game to the next level, overcome obstacles and take advantage of opportunities. Likewise, a good adviser can coach you through your financial life and put a plan in place so you can reach your goals.


Fitness is a key component to success in rugby. Being in the best possible shape will help improve your overall game and give you confidence to play to the best of your abilities. Using life insurance as a foundation for your financial plan can help improve your financial fitness, giving you the necessary protection and flexibility to help you achieve your dreams.

Join Our Team

We know that the values of the rugby community directly align with our own values of integrity, respect for others and creating a shared sense of belonging. Penn Mutual is committed to hiring the best and brightest individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of people around them. We think you will be very excited by what a career in the financial services industry has to offer. If you are looking for a new and rewarding career, view the job opportunities at Penn Mutual.