Rugby Lessons Transcend Financial Services
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Rugby Lessons Transcend Financial Services

June 28, 2018

By MC Laubscher – Wealth Strategist, Producers Wealth, Penn Mutual Independence Financial Network

I started playing rugby at the age of five in my native South Africa and it has taken me places I have never imagined. I came to the United States 2001 at the age of 22 with only one suitcase, a backpack and approximately five hundred dollars to play rugby and explore the United States. The sport changed my life, allowing me to travel, meet new people and establish a life for myself in the United States.

MC Laubscher coaching Princeton men’s rugby

MC Laubscher coaching Princeton men’s rugby

For years I played at the highest level of club rugby in Philadelphia, San Diego, and Chicago. I was fortunate enough to become eligible to play for the United States national team and was a part of the United States Men’s Rugby Player Pool and 2007 World Cup training squad.

My playing days are now over but I love giving back to the game that I love and has given me so much. I am now involved as an assistant coach of the Princeton men’s rugby team, continuing my passion for the sport in a new way.

My passion for rugby, in many ways, led me to my career as a wealth strategist. I could not imagine myself doing anything I was not passionate about. From a young age I wanted to have the financial security and freedom to create an abundant life for myself and my family. I soon realized that I had a passion for helping other people achieve their goals.

As a player I used the modeling technique, watching the best players in the world at my position, learning their training and recovery philosophy and also from a technical standpoint broke down hours of tape to do the best possible physical and mental preparation I could. As a wealth strategist, I have used many of the skills I have learned from rugby to improve my craft and add value to my clients. I still implement the modeling technique by looking at what the most successful people are doing with regards to creating, protecting, and growing their wealth.

Having played the game for so many years, I understand the value of a good coach and it is one of the reasons I transitioned my rugby career to coaching. Coaches provide the necessary expertise for all areas of the game. When I played, we had coaches that were skilled in attack, defense, line outs and scrums to help educate us on all areas of the game, put us in the best possible position to win and help us reach our goals. The great rugby coaches I was extremely privileged to have had on my journey, not only helped me improve as a rugby player but also helped me to grow and develop as a person.

I view my role as a wealth strategist in the same light. Most people are not experts in the financial sector and they do not need to be. Working with a wealth strategist can help you navigate through the complex financial world and put you in the best possible position to succeed.

Whether you are chasing a national championship or just trying to improve your game, it is important to set clear, and specific goals. This is a lesson I utilize every single day with my clients. Rugby has had such an impact on me that I teach my clients strategies using rugby terminology and we implement offensive and defensive strategies to be able create, protect and multiply their wealth.

Once my clients have achieved clarity and have set specific financial goals, I assist them in creating systems and processes built on their own unique financial infrastructure that are aligned with their own philosophy, core beliefs, principles, and values.

It is within their wealth infrastructure, systems and processes that I assist my clients to implement and execute offensive and defensive strategies.

Just as a rugby coach reviews the performance of his team and the success of the team’s systems and processes, I review the financial plan of my clients and its performance and efficiency regularly to ensure that we monitor and track progress and make the necessary adjustments if needed.

There are numerous ways to create wealth but your greatest asset is yourself, which is why it is so important to protect it. I view life insurance as a great form of defense to protect yourself and your family should the unexpected happen.

I learned so much from my rugby career and it has now become an integral part of my professional career. Rugby has molded me and now indirectly helps my clients live life with confidence and abundance.

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