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Preparation Wins Out

December 13, 2018

By Dr. Tomas “Thor” Parks, Penn Mutual Financial Advisor and Professor of Management

One of my favorite quotes is “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” I have seen this time and time again in life and in my new found passion of rugby. Over the last few years, XXI Financial, powered by Penn Mutual, in Atlanta has built a relationship with rugby powerhouse Life University. As we have gotten to know both the men’s and women’s teams, we realized one of the big reasons for their success — preparation.

In 2016, Penn Mutual did a documentary series following both rugby programs at Life University ahead of the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship. What we found was a group of student athletes dedicated to their craft. Morning lifts, followed by one or two practice and film sessions left the team physically, mentally and technically prepared for anything they faced on the pitch.

The hard work paid dividends recently. The women’s team captured the Penn Mutual CRC in 2017 and for the first time ever the men’s team defeated rugby powerhouse Cal to win the 2018 DIA Championship.

I don’t think it is any coincidence that the program’s preparation correlates to its success. In fact, it is this type of preparation that breeds success.

As a financial services company, we try to instill the same values in people off the field. Having success in life requires creating a sound financial plan. In rugby terms, we like to set people up with a strong defense, a solid offense and flexibility to accomplish their goals.

That is why we are proud to provide Life University student athletes with financial education seminars. For the last year we have had the opportunity to help prepare student athletes at the University for life after graduation. Our relationship with Life University grew because of our company’s passion for rugby and now we are able to help all of their student athletes.

Whether it is tackling student debt, implementing a budget system or teaching student athletes about the value of life insurance, I am happy that we are able to help create a better financial future for these student athletes.

Life University has taught me so much about rugby. We are teaching these student athletes about life. At Penn Mutual, we like to say Rugby is Life. I have to agree.


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