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How Is Your Networking Game?

April 10, 2018

In today’s day and age, networking has become more and more important. Building personal relationships is critical to building a business or acquiring a new job. In a crowded business world and an oversaturated job market, creating meaningful relationships is the best way to achieve your goals. Here are five tips to become better networkers and hopefully pave the way to your future success.

Identify your Goals

Knowing what you want to get out of networking is an important step in creating meaningful relationships. Whether you want a new position, or are looking to establish a business relationship, outlining your intentions (and writing them down!) is a good place to start.

Networking is a Two Way Street

Building a successful relationship means both parties benefit from the relationship. Figure out ways the other party can benefit from being connected with you. Whether it is a monetary benefit or a valuable connection, make sure you have something to offer someone with whom you are looking to make a connection.

Be Yourself

Being genuine is important when meeting new people. Avoid the sales pitch and let your passions shine through.

Be Engaging

Having a conversation with someone you just met can be difficult. You might feel the need to sell yourself but don’t dominate the conversation. Ask simple questions and listen carefully to create an interesting and beneficial conversation.

Be Timely

Arrive on time for events and bring business cards. Always have your contact information readily available to pass along to someone who is interested or willing to connect. Follow up promptly, expressing interest in meeting them and gratitude for their time. While doing this, you can remind your new contact what you can offer them.

Networking can be tough, but as rugby people you are fortunate in that you have a built in group of individuals who share a common bond. Be sure to check out the Rugby Business Network , a great resource to establish networking connections that will help you build business relationships and progress in your career.

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