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Going all in On Rugby

May 6, 2019

By John Laurito, CEO, Concord Wealth Management, powered by Penn Mutual

John Laurito of Concord Wealth Management

I did not know much about rugby when Penn Mutual signed on to be the title sponsor of the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship five years ago, but since getting immersed in the rugby culture I have grown to love the rugby community and the values they uphold. As the CEO of the Penn Mutual career office located in Boston, Concord Wealth Management, I am pushing our organization to become a fabric of the local rugby community. We have had the privilege of working with local club rugby teams, Mystic River and the Boston Maccabis, connected with men’s and women’s college rugby teams including Brown, Harvard and Boston College, and was a cofounder of the Boston chapter of the Rugby Business Network. 

When we decided to get involved with the local rugby community, the character of the people was a natural thing that drew me to the sport. The sport attracts a certain caliber of person. Both the people that play it and the fans. They have an unbelievable loyalty and passion. They don’t do anything half way. They do it 100 percent, jump in with both feet. This is the same philosophy we have at Concord Wealth Management and why rugby players make great financial advisers. Over the last five years we have hired several rugby players who developed into successful financial advisers and I believe the lessons learned and character developed from rugby is a big reason for their success.

The rugby fraternity is all about building relationships. Members of the rugby community have an inherent desire to be connected to other people and help each other. In our business, building relationships with people is critical to success but, more importantly, the right thing to do. As a result, we do not see ourselves as sponsors of the Boston rugby community. We see ourselves as partners. Going all in means helping grow the sport and helping the rugby community on and off the pitch.

The rugby community has welcomed me with open arms. Even though I never played rugby, the inclusive nature of the sport has allowed me to build a passion for the game and build meaningful connections. This openness and supportive environment has led me to further my passion and respect for the sport.

This commitment to rugby has seen the sport seep into our company culture. We have many athletes in our office and even those that had never heard of rugby have become excited and proud that we are involved with the sport. We have rugby paraphernalia throughout the office and it often becomes a talking point for clients and potential advisers when they come into the office. We have even had a number of our advisers and clients attend the USA Sevens in Las Vegas the last two years. It was thrilling to see the United States win back-to-back titles!

I am happy to have grown so close the rugby community over the last five years and am looking forward to continue developing my passion for the game. We are building a long lasting relationship with the Boston rugby community and I am excited for what the future holds.

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