Fordham’s Kraig Puccia Honored for 2019 Life of Significance Award

October 1, 2019

Kraig Puccia’s commitment to community and continuous drive to improve the lives of others earned him the fifth annual Penn Mutual Life of Significance Award.

On September 27, 2019, with Fordham University officials and alumni in attendance, Penn Mutual hosted a special reception ahead of Fordham’s homecoming rugby match.  During this reception, Penn Mutual presented the money, on Kraig’s behalf, to the Tundra Women’s Coalition—a group which works to protect women in the community from their partners because of alcohol or drug-induced episodes that threaten their safety.

About Kraig

Kraig is a member of Fordham’s GO! (Global Outreach) Program and has gone to Bethel, Alaska to learn about issues of drug and alcohol abuse in the local community. In preparation for the visit, he helped raise thousands of dollars in donations to aid programs in the Bethel community to combat drug and alcohol abuse. While in Alaska, Kraig primarily assisted the Tundra Women’s Coalition, helping combat domestic violence.

In addition, he spent last year as a volunteer with the Queens District Attorney’s Office working in the Domestic Violence Bureau. Kraig is also a volunteer for the Bronx Italian-American History Initiative, which works to preserve the cultural past of various parts of the Bronx by collecting, recording, and archiving the stories of past residents.

During the summer of 2019, Kraig worked at the Veterans Advocacy Project through the Urban Justice Center doing pro-bono work for neglected veterans throughout New York City.

About the Award

The Life of Significance Award is presented to one collegiate rugby player, either male or female,   who embodies the values of the rugby community and Penn Mutual. The winner demonstrates characteristics such as integrity, respect and loyalty – on and off the pitch – through mentorship, giving back to their community and working with various charitable organizations.

This prestigious award was inspired by the book, “Living a Life of Significance,” by Joseph Jordan, which details the positive impact the life insurance industry has on society. 

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