Bloomsburg Rugger Leads in Community

September 6, 2019

Atalyia Eisenhauer, a member of the 2019 Bloomsburg rugby team, has dedicated herself to a life of service. For her efforts, the Scranton, PA, native was nominated for the 2019 Penn Mutual Life of Significance Award—an award given to a collegiate rugby player that demonstrates shared values of integrity, respect, loyalty and community.

Eisenhauer has worked at North Central Secure Treatment Unit, an all-girls juvenile detention center in Danville, PA. While she was given the option to work at a regular high school as a student teacher, she took on the challenge of serving troubled youth.

Last summer, she was driven to make a deeper impact in the community and discovered Uncommon Schools – an organization that builds charter schools to help students from low income areas reach the goal of attending college. Believing that education is a gateway to success, Atalyia taught pre-AP Biology at North Star Academy High School in downtown Newark, NJ. Despite being a history major, she took on the challenge of teaching a subject she was less familiar with and began to understand the challenges that students in low income areas face every day.

In addition to her work in the classroom, Eisenhauer regularly commits time to a number of charities. She has worked at her local ASPCA, along with the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter, providing care and attention to dogs. Working with Friends of the Poor, an organization that serves food to the homeless during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, Eisenhauer shares her time giving back with her family.

Eisenhauer has an outstanding commitment to serving others and she still works hard to help youth have a better future, consistently demonstrating the values of integrity, respect, loyalty and community on a daily basis.

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