Army Rugby Cadet Leads by Example

January 10, 2020

West Point Academy rugby player Gio Ferguson-Lewis has spent her life overcoming adversity and helping others. An immigrant child in a single-family household, Ferguson-Lewis seized an opportunity to get a great education through rugby. Now she gives back to her community at home and abroad. Her commitment to community garnered her a nomination for the 2019 Penn Mutual Life of Significance Award—an award given to a collegiate rugby player that demonstrates shared values of integrity, respect, loyalty and community.

After the devastation of Hurricane Maria, Ferguson-Lewis traveled to Puerto Rico to help in the relief efforts. Along with the Cadet Gospel Choir, she helped rebuild 10 roofs in one week. More recently, she traveled to Cuba and worked with a local organization to provide food and afterschool programs for local children.

“I have been afforded a lot of opportunities in my life,” said Ferguson-Lewis. “I believe you have to show some gratitude and take the opportunity to share that love, respect and kindness to people that may not have the same opportunities that you have.”

In addition to her service work, the talented rugby player has gained confidence as a result of playing the sport. She hopes to be an example for other girls looking to make an impact on the world.

“The game allows women to be more confident in themselves. For me, at West Point, I have entered spaces that have been traditionally male dominated and been able to have the confidence to excel.”

Ferguson-Lewis has an outstanding commitment to serving others and is setting a positive example for those to follow. She demonstrates the values of integrity, respect, loyalty and community on a daily basis.

“She exemplifies what Army is all about,” said West Point head coach Bill LeClerc. “She demonstrates these great qualities on a daily basis and we just knew she would make a great leader.”

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