2018 Penn Mutual Life Of Significance Award Winner Nick Carey

2018 Penn Mutual Life Of Significance Award Winner Nick Carey

September 12, 2018

Due in large part to his incredible support for others and tremendous dedication to the community, Nick Carey of Harvard University has been presented the 2018 Penn Mutual Life of Significance Award. Amongst a diverse and extremely talented pool of 21 individuals, Nick stood out for the values and actions he has displayed throughout the course of his life.

Nick was nominated by Harvard Rugby coach Mike Diamantopoulos for his commitment to helping others. Nick has been involved in a myriad of causes through church mission groups and has played an active role in a number of efforts during his time at Harvard.

“Nick has been a leader on and off the field for our team setting an example of service to others as his core foundation,” Diamantopoulos said in his nomination.

Much of Nick’s commitment to community has been rooted in his faith. Working with local Christian groups, Nick has supported underserved communities across the United States. His work brought him to urban settings such as Philadelphia and New York and to small town communities in South Dakota. Carey helped clean up neighborhoods, provided infrastructure upgrades and gave resources to the elderly and homeless throughout his journey.

“I have been given a lot in my life and I feel like it is my responsibility to give back to other people,” Carey said. “As a young kid growing up and being able to see how other people lived, it really opened my eyes to some of the harder conditions in the world and gave me inspiration to help out those who are less fortunate.”

Not only did Carey spend time across the United States, he spent a year in Swaziland, creating and instituting a peer mentor program for orphan children. In a country devastated by the AIDS epidemic, many children grow up without parental support.

Carey has continued his volunteerism while attending Harvard University. This past spring break, Carey along with 15 other Harvard students, traveled to Puerto Rico to help an area that was ravaged by the deadly hurricane last year.

In addition to his efforts with the school, Carey has been an integral part in helping the rugby program create a culture of giving back to the community. As club President, he helped orchestrate a game to be held in conjunction with a food drive that benefitted the Hurricane Relief effort in Puerto Rico and sent a delegation of players to the MS Walk in Boston that raised several thousand dollars for the cause.

The Pittsburgh native has consistently helped provide a better future for others. Displaying the values of respect, integrity and commitment, he was an excellent recipient for the 2018 Life of Significance Award.

“When selecting the Life of Significance winner, we look for someone who demonstrates the values that are important to us at Penn Mutual,” said Penn Mutual Chairman and CEO Eileen McDonnell. “His sense of community spans many years and over many diverse groups. He has worked in underprivileged communities, on relief projects, with handicapped students, with peers within and outside our other countries, and within his ministry. We’re proud to present Nick with the 2018 Penn Mutual Life of Significance Award.”

“I am very honored and humbled to be given this award particularly among this strong group of nominees,” Carey said after receiving a congratulatory phone call from McDonnell. “The fact that there is an award that recognizes players for their work off the pitch rather than rugby excellence speaks to the values within the rugby community.”

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